Web Hosting Introduction

May 19, 2016
web hosting introduction

A company’s website speaks volumes about them, whether they want it to or not. Customers may not be able to define what makes a good company page, but they certainly show their approval or disapproval either by remaining on the page or not. Instead of leaving their first, second, or third impressions to chance, you may want to look into web hosting to make sure that your site is always accessible to your audience.


Your customers expect a fast loading page, meaning that an extra half second of waiting can put them off your company. Choosing to invest resources in different areas isn’t easy, but all the graphics and content in the world won’t help unless you have the speed to go along with them. What some people may find intimidating when it comes to web hosting is giving up control over their website to another company.

However, that loss of control is rewarded with better website reliability, security, and speed. As for shared servers, you also don’t have to worry whether your data will be jumbled with someone else’s, as the chances of something like that happening are really slim, almost impossible. Keep in mind that not every company will make you share, but most hosting plans will involve some type of shared space.

Saving And Updating

Your website will never be safe until all the criminals of the world have been defeated. Because that’s not likely to happen anytime soon, taking care of backing up the site and updating newer, safer forms of software is absolutely essential. Small businesses start off their journey into the digital world with the best of intentions, but then fail to maintain the site with the attention it needs. Owners may think there’s nothing to steal on their page, but there’s always something useful out there to the right criminal. Not surprisingly, the web hosting platforms that perform the most checks will cost you more, but for most companies, it’s worth mitigating the risk of being hacked.

There are also dedicated servers you can use if you want even more advanced security. What you should bear in mind is that the safety and security of your website should come first, meaning that you should always opt for a hosting provider that puts a special emphasis on safety, even if they charge a bit more than their competitors.

A Few Warnings

web hosting introductionNow that you understand the basic concept of web hosting, there are a few things you should consider before taking this path. There are a number of companies and plans to choose from, and they tend to blend together after a while.

If you’re not planning to have anyone in the office solely dedicated to your IT needs, then you’re going to need to invest in a plan that can get you a management system that works for you. If you have plans for the most unique site anyone’s ever seen with your own specific software package and coding requirements, then you’ll find that manipulating features within the hosting framework is not unlimited. Also, shared services can be drastically affected by the types of companies being hosted upon them.

For example, say you own a maid service that gets about 200 hits a day, but you share a server with a restaurant that gets 1,000 hits a day. If that restaurant chooses to give away free food to people who order off the website, then their influx of customers on that day could cause your customers to have slow connectivity. People who use the shared space get quite a price discount, so they often just accept the good with the bad.

However, you may not be willing to inconvenience even one of your potential new customers. The bottom line is that there is a lot to learn once you start to decide how you wish to present your particular brand to customers, and it will require some research on your part to decide the best plan for you. Choosing the best hosting provider for your needs is not too difficult, as long as you take into consideration your requirements, future plans, and budget.